On May 4th, this year, we introduced our first T-Shirt coupon. Heres how it works. You buy one of our shirts for $20 and you’ll save 15% off your entire purchase the same day and every time you wear your shirt on future visits. The idea for this shirt was inspired by Dail & Nathans last buying trip to #Oregon. Dail came up with idea, in January, while eating breakfast at The Beacon and he sketched it on a napkin. Inspired for his love of #wichita he used the #wichitaflag in the #Kansas outline and incorporated the tree from our logo.

Ok, ok, so, we know there is no actual forest in Kansas but the idea is that we want you to forest the urban environment. And, there is only, like, one tree in all of flat Kansas.  haha!  We think you’ll love it.  Be sure to come in today and buy a shirt.
We will try to introduce a new shirt every year.

Do you have a clever gardening idea for a t-shirt?  Send us a message on our Facebook.