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Dear Pond Customer,

Can you believe that spring will be here in just 2 months! This letter is a reminder that we offer a spring pond cleaning service at the rate of $175/hour with a one hour minimum.

Annual Cleaning for Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, and Water Features.

Hong’s Landscape will provide the following 15 point service:

1. Drain water feature

2. Set up quarantine for your fish (if applicable)

3. Drain, Rinse & Pond Refill

4. Pond Sludge Rinsing and Draining

5. Wash rocks & gravel from the waterline up (NOT PRESSURE WASHING)

6. Thin out overgrown plants

7. Removal of excess debris and leaves

8. Fish Health Check

9. Water Quality Inspection

10. Lighting Check (if applicable)

11. Pump Maintenance Inspection

12. Pond Filters Cleaning/Inspection

13. Adjust Rocks as needed

14. Refill (We can refill entirely but we ask that you finish the filling process, to cut cost for you and time for us)

15. Add water treatments (dechlorinator & 1st dose of beneficial bacteria is included)

In the past, we have been able to start in late-March and weather permitting; we’ll start about the same time and continue through until finished. Please remember we schedule by zip codes & neighborhoods and do our best to be as efficient as possible, once we have completed a certain area, we may not be able to return. It is important that you fill out and return this form as soon as possible, so that we may build our list and start sooner. Once we have finished all the cleanings in the spring, we are done for the year. We do not offer a fall pond cleaning service.

Please note, If major repairs need to be made to pond upon inspection and after cleaning, we may need to schedule the repairs at a later date. If it requires the pond to be left inoperable we will do our best to complete said repairs as soon as possible while try to keep with the already scheduled pond cleaning routes.  Your consideration and patience is appreciated at those times.

If you have other needs such as landscape bed clean up, re-mulching or trimming of trees or shrubs, please call in to be added to our spring clean up list. The crew that comes to clean your pond is just for pond cleaning and does not have proper equipment/materials for landscape bed clean up and trimming.

If this is the first year you will be using our services, please call into the store and we will send you a form for you to sign and return. We must have a signature on file for all new customers.

If you are a returning/exisitng customer simply fill out this form and submit. You may also call in to get on our list but we ask that you submit a form online so keep the process speedy and efficient.